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We now supply CBN grinding wheels for all Schmidt Tempo & Loroch sharpening machines.

Grand Blanc Industries has recently switched over to a fully integrated centralized coolant system for all 10 of it's sharpening machines. This will help provide even more consistency and quality to the end result.

Our number one priority is to provide the highest quality sharpening or new blade to YOU, our customer!


BuildingGrand Blanc Industries is one of the nation's largest suppliers of both new and resharpened cold saw blades. We specialize in HSS saw blades from 2.5" to 48" in diameter. With over 2 million dollars in saw service equipment, we are able to offer same day turn-around on all of your sharpening needs. All of the sharpening equipment at Grand BlancIndustries incorporates CBN grinding wheels, which assures the highest finish quality as well as the tightest geometric accuracy on each and every saw blade produced. The overall blade finish is maximized due to the high pressure coolant used during grinding cycles which in turn prevents warping or tempering of the blade which is common on NC machines that utilize vitrified grinding wheels.

Our large new blade inventory is stocked with over $500,000 in new blades to ensure that we have the proper blade for your sawing needs. We always have someone on hand to help with any technical support that you may need. Tooth configurations, cutting speeds, proper RPM, etc etc.

Our customers have consistently reported increased blade life, lowered costs of saw blade services, and the superior quality that we provide to them. With the most efficient turn-around time in the industry, we hope you will put our total CNC services to work on all of your saw blade needs


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