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We now supply CBN grinding wheels for all Schmidt Tempo & Loroch sharpening machines.

Grand Blanc Industries has recently switched over to a fully integrated centralized coolant system for all 10 of it's sharpening machines. This will help provide even more consistency and quality to the end result.

Our number one priority is to provide the highest quality sharpening or new blade to YOU, our customer!



Saw Blades

  • M2 HSS - Steam Tempered - 63/65 HRc for ferrous cutting applications
  • M35 Cobalt HSS - Steam Tempered - 64/66 HRc for "difficult to machine" steels and alloys
  • M2 HSS - Bright Finish -low hardness for use on non-ferrous machines at high RPM
  • All above blades can be coated with TIN, TICN, TIALN, CRN for tough applications such as stainless steel, tool steel, and high carbon steels

Standard Bore Sizes - 32mm, 40mm, 50mm


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